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Jeremy Yamaguchi

About Jeremy

Mayor Jeremy Yamaguchi is one of the youngest elected officials in the State of California and the youngest in Orange County history. He was elected in November 2008 at the age of 19 to the Placentia City Council, and is currently serving his eighth year on City Council.

Jeremy started his civic service at a very young age. Before entering high school, he was involved with the Placentia Neighborhood Watch, Placentia Heritage Parade & Festival, Placentia Cultural Arts Commission, Placentia Chamber of Commerce, and the Placentia Police Department, just to name a few.

He attributes much of his success to his time and experiences in the Boy Scouts of America. Jeremy earned his Eagle Scout award in 2006, served on the board of directors for the Boy Scouts of America, Orange County Council, and served as the Southern California Section Cheif to the National Boy Scouts of America, Order of the Arrow.

Mr. Yamaguchi graduated from Placentia's El Dorado High School in 2007, and is a California State University Fullerton alumnus. He now owns and operates his own full service production company in Orange County. The Placentia Chamber of Commerce honored Mr. Yamaguchi as Citizen of the Year in 2006 for his volunteer efforts in the community; the youngest to receive the honor in history.

In the past few years, Mr. Yamaguchi has been an integral part of ensuring the fiscal sustainability of the City of Placentia. Lower tax revenues, the economic downturn, and increases in cost have challenged the city to preserve service levels and infrastructure quality. Mr. Yamaguchi's cost saving ideas, watchful eye for wasteful spending, and common sense policies have contributed to the City's ongoing efforts to ensure the preservation of the quality of life in the City of Placentia.

Jeremy has a passion for sustainability, innovation through technology, and empowering youth leaders. His personal motto is "I have pride in our past, faith in our future, and a vision for a more stable and secure community."

Endorsements for

Jeremy Yamaguchi

Elected Officials
  • Ed Royce United States Congressman
  • Craig Green City Treasurer - City of Placentia
Former Elected Officials
  • Lee Castner Former City Treasurer - City of Placentia
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